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What I learned from the group project

I am appreciated that we have this semester-long teamwork to do this semester. It’s always a great chance to learn so much from others when working with a group of people. When I was very young, I always heard that if you can learn one good thing from each person around you, you will be very very smart. However, teamwork also requires a lot of hard work from the leader. For a team leader, he needs to do two aspects of work to effectively stimulate the team's innovation ability: one is to provide each member of the team with a workspace that they are willing to work hard for(like the one IDEO did), which requires a combination of the collective consciousness and team culture to achieve such an inclusive and active workspace. The second is to set a direction of innovation and ensure that every member of the team will not deviate from this direction, and give the team new confidence and motivation when encountering setbacks.

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