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Many people think that innovation is the inspiration of the genius in a moment, is illusory, is nowhere to be found. But that is not the case. More and more innovation practice and research show that innovation is "law-based". With practice, a lot of creative thinking will naturally become habitual. It helps people deal with anything in life. I am an industrial design major student and I have studied and worked in this field for over 6 years. As time goes by, my understanding of the innovation process has gradually changed. In the beginning, I just came up with some ideas randomly and then made up for them. And finally, form a solution with the least loopholes as the final solution. However, pertinence and resolution efficiency are reduced a lot in this process. Also, when I was trying to think of ideas. I tend to think completely with as many details as possible of one single idea and then start to think another one. After the design thinking study, I found the benefit of focusing on the quantity instead of quality. It’s like making a very long list with many opportunities. Most of the possibilities are somewhere on this list. The very first thing is to enrich the elements on this list and pick what you want from it later. It actually saves a lot of time and provides much more extra support for the topic than only focusing on a complete solution on one aspect.

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