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Things about PCA

To be honest, the number of problems required for PCA is beyond my imagination the first time I saw it. At least 150? It feels like more than the WHYs I asked in my whole life. However, when I was actually trying to find problems. I found there are more opportunities than I thought about. Even if I only think about the problems concentrate on ocean pollution, I can think of dozens of topics. It’s incredible to see the ability of locating problem increasing. Besides that, I also developed a habit to gather interesting topics and quickly record some of the basic research for further design. The biggest advantage I got from it this semester is my new concept design called Breaspin. It’s an example of using centrifugal force which is one of the topics from my PCA. I tried to use the speed of the spinning top to increase the efficiency of an air freshener. The good news is, I submitted this design concept to the A’ Design Award(Italy) and got an award for Home Appliances Design Category.

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